who we are

“ The guiding philosophy at the contemporary Pelican Group is deeply rooted with more than 125 years old legacy of the Lalbhai Family. ”

Our purpose is to cater to the needs of the world in an ethical, responsible and sustainable way. We combine our experience with new technologies and financial insights to serve as a trusted partner for textiles, agriculture, food, and industrial customers globally.


Mission Statement

Over a century of uninterrupted and large business operations, suggests certain character, which is ingrained in our value system.

We aim to create successful organization with time-tested values by empowering, deserving and capable people and celebrating individual and team victories during this process of genesis with total focus on delighting the customer beyond their dreams through our quality products and sincere service

Our Vision

Our vision helps us as a guide for our detailed map and guides every aspect of our business by outlining what we need to accomplish in our quest to achieve sustainable, quality growth.

Faces behind Pelican Group

Anang is the founder and the conceptual mind behind the Pelican Group. He was born in a family illustrious with its heritage in textiles, he worked in the family run textile business for over two decades before venturing out into other industries.

He has an eye for the smallest detail and he is constantly looking forward towards more sustainable futures. He can reflect and analyze change like nobody else and never lets the bigger picture escape from sight.

When he's not thinking of ways to make things better, he is hiding in his den watching movies or sipping coffee at quaint cafes in the European countryside.

Anang Lalbhai

Arjun is the man with an overview of all projects and also known as a creative strategist. Building client relationships and creating innovative, high-impact ideas for the business is his forte.

He’s probably the one sitting across the table at your first meeting with us, to tell you in crystal clear fashion about our work. His goal in life, both through work and play, is to challenge popular belief and push the limits of what's possible.

He loves writing and telling stories. He believes that his craft does not have to be complicated in order to be good. What matters most to him is authenticity.

He's a fanatic cricket fan who loves to watch and play the sport.

Arjun Lalbhai

With a background in Fashion and Apparel Design she dabbles between all the verticals at Pelican whether it is Agriculture, Trading, Media or New business development.

She enjoys her work because she thinks she gets to make a difference! She keeps track of the global trends and creates new opportunities based on that.

Rajvi is  no stranger to impressive surroundings and her love for travel and reading always keeps her exposed to  various cultures across the world. The appreciation of world cultures has influenced her to look beyond borders and boundaries.

Rajvi Kinkhabwala Lalbhai