What we do

Evolving Roots

“ Evolving Roots was founded with the mission to nourish the world through innovative and sustainable food systems. ”

Evolving Roots was founded on the principle of identifying that nutritional, diverse, and safe demands of developed countries can be fulfilled by demand driven, technology enabled and scientific practices in developing countries.


Our Goal

Our goal is to deliver safe and nutritious food with minimum impact on the environment by embracing, farmer engagement, cutting edge agriculture technology, sustainable business model and impact driven investment philosophy.

Our focus lies in bringing about solutions that enable us to produce more with less in smarter, more responsible and transparent ways.

With a focus on practices such as crop rotation, no-till farming and planting cover crops, Evolving Roots aims to produce 14,600 MT of Super Food annually with a goal of delivering to half a million people everyday

what Else We Do

We are a bunch of high energy inspired people who understand consumer needs and deliver beyond customer dreams.