All Time Tales

All Time Tales

“ I have always dared to chase what I have never done before in life. There is never a dearth of excitement, risk and motivation. That is what makes the story worth telling. ”

- Arjun Lalbhai, founder

All Time Tales Studio, a media and entertainment company, was born out of the passion and love to tell stories. Our love for stories comes from myths, legends and history from around the world. There are stories waiting to be told and retold for audiences sharing a common love and appetite for engaging content.


Our Goal

Create content that is thought provoking, authentic and enaging for a global audience.

These stories, when brought to life through a burst of colour and emotion, allow the audience to feel excitement and goosebumps. That is the true power of storytelling and what can be better than connecting with so many people.

what Else We Do

We are a bunch of high energy inspired people who understand consumer needs and deliver beyond customer dreams.